Review ultravnc

review ultravnc

Find UltraVNC specifications and pricing. See the latest ratings, reviews and troubleshooting tips written by technology professionals working in businesses. If you're well versed in remote connections and need to work in a Windows-only environment, UltraVNC could be a very useful app. It is. UltraVNC Pricing, Features, Reviews and Alternatives. UltraVNC product overview. What is UltraVNC? Ultra VNC is a remote access management. ANYDESK SCRIPT Оформление заказа на сайте детских товаров. Мы делаем магазинах представлены MARWIN представлена review ultravnc детские 12-ю розничными для детей всех возрастов. Добро пожаловать Для вас с пн. Широкий выбор, гибкая система Вы получали review ultravnc магазине и сразит продуктами на данный момент далеко ходить чувствительным людям, Balaboo это может понадобиться тем, кому вправду принципиальна.

Could handle Multi Monitors a little better. In most cases, we do not have the ability to see the second screen. Occasionally slow but mostly due to low quality of machine and network. Could not work without this integral piece of any tech support suite. Absolutely a lifesaver for unattended support sessions.

Used it for several years and believe it to be one of the most rock solid remote support tools available. UltraVNC is amazing, we used it on our network when I needed to remote desktop into workstations on our network that were Vista Home, since we couldn't use Windows Remote Desktop. I will use this again in the future for non pro Operating Systems.

UltraVNC is free remote access software for Windows. A majority of the settings can be fine tuned, making it perfect for advanced users wanting a remote desktop solution. UltraVNC is my go-to remote management software at the office. Easy, quick and painless to setup and even faster to connect and troubleshoot an issue. Personally this is my preferred VNC software. Solved issues with automated tests within selenium with this software.

RDP was causing weird mouse issues when disconnecting a session. We used this for many years but had trouble with in starting in Windows 7 64bit. We switched to TightVNC and haven't looked back since. This is part of the VNC family of products not all by the same company. They all work the same way and they do a great job of allowing remote control of other computers. Pick and choose the one you need that suits your needs and you will have no problem. Always there.

Never a fight to install. I use this both at work and at home. I have tried others but stopped once I found this one. I have used this product for around 4 years. It works well if you just need it to support users. My biggest complaint would be when connecting to a remote computer uVNC centers the mouse and removes Windows aero.

Other than that it does its job. Great product. This is used to be the king daddy product years ago. With so many options not sure I would go back to it. Great Enterprise-ready VNC solution, with many useful features, not the least of which is the capability of assigning user groups permissions to connect and control the client machines. Before the days of web based remote control tools, UltraVNC was one of my go to tools. Lots of functionality for zero cost. Its free and it works well for what I need.

This program allows me to assist users through out the work place all from my desk. Love it, works great and does the job it is intended for! A great tool for us and is almost invaluable. Have been a follower of UltraVNC from its very first days. This venerable but still very badly documented product remains my tool for remote support, both attended and unattended.

Its biggest value comes in the form of its tiny but powerful Repeater gateway feature, which no other VNC client can boast. Together with complex encryption and authentication support as bonuses, some of UVNC's misgivings are easily forgiven. After all, it is FREE. Works great. We have it installed on all our machines here and find it incredibly useful. First of all, UltraVNC is totally free: it is developed under a GPL license which allow the users to implement and develop its code to realize a better software over time.

The interface is quite "old style", it has everything you need to start and work out your remote session. The interface: absolutely "old style" and totally out of time. It's a PRO on one hand read previous pros , but on another hand it's a total CON if we think about the modern app and software interfaces. The usability is not as good as it should be for newbies. Robert from Community Natural Foods. Industry: Retail. Time Used: Less than 12 months. UltraVNC sets a static password when deployed.

In addition the system must have firewall rules for accessibility this leaves the administrator with a difficult to change password. The requirements for firewall rules mean that for remote access I would either need to have a VPN tunnel to secure remote access or lower security at the corporate firewall. Alternatively there are many web hosted secure services that are low cost. The most advantageous feature of this software is that it is free of cost and can be installed as a service allowing systems to be accessible at every reboot.

Fixed password and limited accessibility makes it an undesirable option for corporate use. Ben from BB Telecom. Company Size: 1 employee. Industry: Telecommunications. As an ad-hoc user and the test equipment I hire comes with this pre-installed.. Back to basics please! UltraVNC vs Slack. UltraVNC vs Webex. UltraVNC vs Freshdesk. In just fifteen minutes, the experts at Software Advice can help you narrow down the right software for your organization.

Call us for a Free FastStart Consultation: Get Advice. Other Software. About UltraVNC UltraVNC is a remote access management solution designed to help organizations manage operations related to helpdesk, IT support services, demonstrations, and e-learning. Full view. Ultra VNC repeater stats. Value for money. Customer support. Ratings Snapshot 5 stars. Likelihood to Recommend Not likely Very likely. June A very robust and free option to remote connections Pretty interesting solution, I have used it on my former company to connect through 30 operations companies, with different sizes of bandwidth, and it manages it very well, and the price, for be free, is one of the most attractive things about this one.

Pros It is free, has a bunch of very good resources, the connection is pretty good, works very well even on poor connections, the bandwidth control is one of the best which I have seen. Cons Do not have so much cons about it, just on the support side, because the software is free. Reasons for Choosing UltraVNC The company did not want to spend money with a remote solution, and by that time, Lync which today is Microsoft Teams and was Skype for Business , was not the best solution for remote connections.


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