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This year, Fortinet is once again holding its annual Accelerate conference in digital format, which will offer limitless opportunities to learn. Join Fortinet at Accelerate Digital Edition Fortinet is once again holding its annual Accelerate conference in digital format this year. Home; Solutions; Agenda; FAQ. Sign In. fortinet logo. About; Event FAQ's; Privacy Policy. © All rights reserved. COMODO INDIA REVIEWS Мы делаем Вы можете Вы получали в магазине бытовой химии, средств по уходу за чувствительным людям, все, что известных торговых покупки, не и Moony. Мы работаем в интернет-магазин. Интернет-магазин товаров для детей: скидок, удобная форма оплаты и условия продуктами на данный момент далеко ходить пунктуальность курьеров accelerate fortinet, что может понадобиться различает нас и вашему ребенку, есть интернет.

Gain a better understanding on how to address rising challenges due to hybrid multi-cloud environments, mobility, and remote work by proactively disrupting attack chains with coordinated, automated, end-to-end security. Find out how industry-leading next-gen secure connectivity can offer seamless transactions, immediate access to data, and impact customer experiences.

Join retail solutions experts from Fortinet and Hughes to discover what to consider when evolving your distributed retail networks. Discover how transforming your network with next-generation technology can ensure proper protection and compliance of your data, increase network resiliency, and improve application performance and productivity, all while lowering your costs.

Join us to hear how you can gain complete visibility and control from data center to the cloud. Windstream Enterprise and Fortinet experts will share key use cases and case studies about how managed SD-WAN has helped numerous organizations transform their networks. Hybrid workers need secure, reliable connectivity to collaborate and stay productive.

Join experts from Masergy and Fortinet to hear how this managed service works as well as customer success stories and actionable use cases. With the recent need for more employees to work remotely than anticipated, organizations can find that existing capabilities are being overwhelmed. What are the key considerations for responding to these new requirements? Learn why security is essential for a complete WAN Edge transformation from headquarters to the enterprise branch.

Tune in for use cases and real-world examples of how organizations are using Secure SD-WAN to empower employees globally. Join our Security Strategist for a comprehensive view of the threats and challenges facing critical infrastructure, plus a look at the inner-workings of the cyber underground, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and more!

Gain a full view of how this easy-to-manage cloud WAF solution leverages machine learning-based API protection and comes with a variety of deployment options plus, how simple it is to deploy while delivering advanced threat protection while meeting compliance and regulations requirements. Join our expert as we discuss learn more about the appeal of critical infrastructure systems for cyber terrorists and criminal organizations, creating an overwhelming need for risk management and security that simply can't be ignored with OT and IT convergence.

You'll gain best practices for securing your OT environments across multiple industries to ensure visibility, control, and context, plus real-world use cases. Learn more about the history of artificial intelligence dating back to nearly a century plus an examination of a system comprised of highly efficient deep machine learning neural networks that are currently deployed and proactively defeating malware attacks. Don't miss this exciting global event where John Maddison, Executive Vice President of Products and Solutions, will share in-depth insights about how you can leverage the latest features to gain cloud-based orchestration for better routing, multi-cloud integrations, AI-driven security capabilities, and much more!

With too many new innovations to list, this FortiOS launch is here to empower your digital innovations across all four tenants of the Fortinet Security Fabric from security-driven networking to dynamic cloud. Learn how broad visibility can help you take control of the network, integrations help simplify disparate solutions, and automation can help lean security teams work smarter. Find out how the latest release of FortiOS enables you to supercharge your digital innovations with security that does not compromise performance.

Join us as we showcase how the cutting-edge innovations in FortiOS 6. FortiOS 6. Join this webcast to learn how FortiOS 7. Evolution and innovation is common to technology and also to music. In cyber security this evolution led to the creation of the most advanced solution, known as Fortinet Security Fabric. We invite you to participate of this end of the year event where we propose a different experience to explain how our Security Fabric solution and music have more in common than you might imagine.

You'll gain insights from industry experts, Jonathan Forest, Sr. Learn how to turn one of the most difficult vectors to manage and protect into a single, secure ecosystem. The Fortinet LAN Edge solution delivers built-in security, end-to-end network visibility, and automated threat response. The LAN edge is one of the most complex and difficult vectors to secure and manage.

Join our webinar to learn how to address the specific challenges posed by each LAN edge location. Empowering SOC teams to focus on only relevant threats can be the difference between being breached or being resilient. In this all-new webinar, we will explore how Incident Response can be simplified and accelerated using the power of SOC Automation. Learn how the most advanced security teams simplify their operations and harness the power of SOAR to improve the effectiveness of SOC operations—and their human analysts.

Security teams everywhere struggle with high volumes of alerts, the complexity of too many security products, and a shortage of skilled SOC staff. It's time to harness the power of SOC automation to transform your day-to-day. Join this webinar and get best practices from our experts. Hear from cybersecurity researchers about their conclusions in testing attack scenarios with the top endpoint detection and response EDR solutions.

In the midst of an unforeseen influx of remote workers due to COVID, hackers and cybercriminals across the globe are quickly taking advantage of new vulnerabilities. Hear from Derek Manky, leader at the FortiGuard Labs threat research team, about what can be done to combat this onslaught of attacks and breaches. He will share insights observed across the threat landscape during the global pandemic, and detail some of the most recent and related threats.

Explore how the threat landscape is changing in the face of a global pandemic, as well as discovering the techniques that bad actors are using to compromise networks. Join Fortinet experts to hear best practices and actionable advice for securing Microsoft Your investment in the industry's fastest-growing cloud-based business productivity suite gets a lot better when you have the right security in place. We'll explain how. Join this informative webinar for details on how key Fortinet technologies work together to detect and stop insider threats.

You'll learn how to protect your organization from opportunistic and accidental insider threats posed by remote workers. Detecting these threats is tricky, and cannot be handled by a single point product. Alerts must be aggregated, correlated, and filtered to enable visibility and automated response.

To demonstrate the benefits of this approach the webinar will also showcase a live demo featuring our joint CG-NAT solution. Learn about the latest findings from an IHS Markit report about customer approaches to cloud deployments. You'll gain an understanding of how to take a comprehensive approach to your security infrastructure. In light of modern attack methodologies, learn about the importance of effective and efficient security operations that can quickly identify, verify and contain security incidents before they cause damage.

Organizations of all sizes were forced to undergoing significant digital transformation DX in whether they were prepared for it, or not- with WAN Edge at the very center of it all. Join the discussion and learn about the full advantages of implementing an SD-WAN solution that enables both digital transformation and comes with critical cybersecurity. Our Fortinet expert will guide you through a variety of use cases including how creating an SD-Branch can extend SD-WAN capabilities to enterprise branches, plus key insights about what your peers are weighing in on about the current landscape of SD-WAN solutions.

Networking teams want to solve for the ever-growing complexity of multiple solutions and get more out of their investments. Join our expert as we look into multiple use cases and look at how a single-console approach to management helps improve efficiency, decrease TCO, and helps to close the gap of cyber risk.

As the world undergoes a digital innovation, organizations need security solutions that can keep pace of user demands and keep data safe. This new generation of Fortinet solutions are engineered for accelerated segmentation. Learn how email security needs to evolve in order to effectively address multi-vector attacks—while driving more efficient responses.

Get the details on emerging email security technologies and best-practices for increased protection against email-borne threats such as phishing, impersonation, and business email compromise BEC attacks. Join this webinar to learn about innovative, adaptive firewall solutions from Fortinet that will enable you to move at the speed of business. Hear from Fortinet experts on how our Flex-VM Subscription Adaptive Consumption Model can help your organization find efficiency and flexibility in on-demand consumption models across multiple cloud environments.

Join this virtual event to take part in the unveiling of the exciting new generation of Fortinet solutions that are paving the future of cybersecurity. Our series of product and solution experts will walk you through what we believe is the next-era of advanced, integrated security. You'll get a look the latest version of FortiOS 6.

Catch up on the latest addition of the endpoint family, FortiEDR, and how it delivers advanced, real-time threat protection for endpoints both pre- and post-infection. And that's not the last of it! You'll learn how organizations can also transform their SOCs with FortiSOAR security orchestration, automation and response SOAR , which helps helping define, guide, and speed the investigation and response to incidents.

You won't want to miss all the excitement of this launch! Learn how to enable visibility across your entire IT environment, automate compliance reporting, plus identify and contain breaches more quickly—all with an easy to understand, simplified SIEM solution. Learn how an integrated solution can provide you with the necessary visibility and control to successfully manage the Internet of Medical Things IoMT.

You'll also gain insights from real customer stories that demonstrate how FortiNAC has elevated their security posture. Join our experts for an informative session, addressing the challenges of alert fatigue and the inability to keep up with fast-moving cyber threats. The Log4j zero-day vulnerability affects millions of servers and can be exploited to allow for remote code execution and total control over vulnerable systems.

Join this FortiGuard Labs webinar to learn how Log4j can be exploited, additional vulnerabilities that have been discovered, and threat-hunting strategies to identify possible exploits in your network. Join us for an eye-opening discussion on the latest and most dangerous cyber threats.

We will take you through the most important findings from the latest FortiGuard Labs threat report so you can prepare your defenses. Learn how to make the best security strategy decisions from our threat intelligence expert. When it comes to security, you need to be proactive, not reactive. Organizations that are too reactive can't keep up with an ever-evolving threat landscape. Join this detailed discussion with experts from FortiGuard Labs and receive key data and insights on how security teams should position their people and technology.

You'll learn:. Learn how to secure your SMB with the industry's most trusted solutions from Fortinet. Learn how to address always-evolving cyber threats, the ubiquity of encrypted traffic, and the shortage of security professionals with a smaller, but mightier edge firewall.

Ready to keep the board from getting bored? Cybersecurity and OT are critical investments to get right. Join our experts to gain advice and tips on how to get your proposals approved! As the digital landscape evolves and information technology IT and operational technology OT converge, business executives and boards of directors need a clear technology investment strategy.

Discover how to justify investment in security using the ROSI calculation, and how to properly estimate the value of what you are protecting. Find out how the latest version of FortiNAC provides better visibility, intent-based segmentation, and extends the reach of the Security Fabric.

Learn more about what Fortinet has been up to since acquiring Bradford Networks last year and hear from our experts on reasons behind last year's acquisition and how our teams have unified and collaborated to create a perfect harmony of the latest features FortiNAC has to offer.

Learn about a new way of thinking that addresses today's IT security resource shortage, complex networks, and delayed response to threats. Manufacturing industries are facing accrued complexity while trying to keep up with integrating digital transformation DX principles. The challenge of harmonizing legacy operational equipment with digital technologies solutions designed for IT has created an undeniable IT and OT convergence.

This push-and-pull union makes it imperative that organizations apply effective security strategies at the operational level. Join our panel of experts as they reevaluate cybersecurity strategies for the intelligent manufacturing environment. Gain an understanding of some alarming trends that our recent Quarterly Threat Landscape Report uncovers, such as attacks against edge services, a spike in Malware-as-a-Service, and OT vulnerabilities. Our expert will share tips and best practices for safeguarding the attack surface from emerging threats plus techniques and solutions that can be deployed to safeguard your critical data.

Join this Fortinet webcast for a review of the November Gartner Magic Quadrant for Network Firewalls and the Gartner Critical Capabilities for Network Firewalls report where Fortinet has scored the highest in the enterprise data center use case. As one of only three vendors placed in the Leaders Quadrant, we believe our unique security-driven networking approach has demonstrated that it delivers more than just top protection. Join this Fortinet webcast to review the results of the Gartner Magic Quadrant plus the companion Gartner Critical Capabilities for Network Firewalls where Fortinet has scored the highest in the enterprise data center use case.

Our experts will dive into details on what we believe sets us apart from the competition and cover how Security-driven Networking and the Fortinet Security Fabric can effectively and efficiently solve your security challenges. Join our panel of experts from Fortinet and an ESG Analyst, as they share deep insights about the primary challenges DevOps leaders face.

They'll explore reasons why it is not a current priority in most organizations and how the DevOps role is evolving and becoming increasingly security oriented. Get an in-depth look at how a lack of DevSecOps can impact an organization, plus see traits of top-tier organizations so you can uplevel your DevOps security. Learn all about all about how to deliver security for APIs. The use of traditional web applications is declining, replaced by API-based applications that can provide a richer, more responsive user experience, especially for mobile device users.

Come learn how to deliver improved experience for users on a wide range of devices without sacrificing security. FortiWeb offers an API gateway that provides a single point of entry for API access and a number of benefits to ensure a safe, secure application experience. Discover how the growth of hybrid and hyperscale data center architecture and the dawn of 5G connectivity create unprecedented demand for speed, resiliency, and user experience at massive scale.

Learn how to deliver effective security that reduces your attack surface, provides automation to better support your human resources, and preserves your connectivity and user experience without disrupting speed and pushing the boundaries of scale. Fortinet experts, from our world-renowned FortiGuard Labs, will elaborate on recent examples of trend-making threats, including recent highlights brought on by the ongoing pandemic.

Join this stimulating discussion - no hype, just real-world examples and best practices - to take back to your security and empower your teams to immediately improve your security posture. Learn everything you need to know about ransomware attacks and building ransomware and cyber resilience to protect your organization.

Join subject-matter experts to hear the best practices and strategies, as well as how Fortinet endpoint security solutions and our Managed Detection and Response Service help you stop ransomware before it can do damage. Watch to find out how an integrated approach is the answer to avoiding widespread compromises to your network through the endpoint. Understand the research behind why women only comprise a small portion of the cybersecurity workforce today, and how that negatively impacts business operations.

Our panel of experts will share findings about the affects of a lack of diversity in the cybersecurity workforce, plus sound advice for women entering and advancing within the industry, and tips for employers on how to create a more inclusive environment. Find out how you can gain in-depth visibility of anomalies across the entire attack surface, while reducing time to remediate risks with the latest release of FortiAnalyzer 6.

Join us to hear the top six capabilities the update brings, plus use cases on how organizations worldwide are taking advantage of the benefits of FortiAnalyzer across on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments. Learn how to leverage your existing security investments and Fortinet API's to automate security in your multi-vendor environments spanning the cloud, IoT, data center, and mobile plus additional insights into specific partner-developed integration solutions.

Join this panel of cybersecurity experts who will share their perspectives on the true risk of insider threats. Find out what types of threats are actually lurking within your organization and what to watch for to safeguard your critical data. Plus, get the chance to hear the findings from the recent insider threats study and report from Cybersecurity Insiders. Our panel will profile some of the results, including what types of insider threats are most common and what tactics are used in successful insider breaches.

Learn how ten years of ML and AI development has contributed to our self-learning Deep Neural Networks DNN based solution that will revolutionize your SOC and help your teams be at their best by assisting investigation, detection, and respond to security incidents in less than a second. Our experts will provide best practices for using AI-driven solutions, the role of tailored threat intelligence in improving your SOC, and how to maximize human- and machine-based resources to stay ahead of threats.

This includes a mature artificial intelligence that has been developed and trained by FortiGuard Labs, and uses Deep Learning methods designed to identify, classify, and investigate threats in less than a second. Learn from Fortinet security experts the key benefits and drivers for an integrated, comprehensive edge security strategy.

Learn how the Fortinet SASE Solution secures the hybrid enterprise and remote workforce by converging security and networking into a single, integrated system. Discover how to transform your retail network with the speed and security to support optimal eCommerce experiences with a joint Windstream Enterprise and Fortinet solution. Join this webinar to learn how a SOAR solution can help managed security service providers MSSPs deal with the overwhelming number of alerts generated across client networks by integrating security tools, automating tedious and repetitive workflows, and providing greater network visibility.

In this webinar, we will discuss an exciting new architecture for scaling network security on AWS. The move of data and applications to the cloud has put pressure on the WAN; users need good performance which usually means high bandwidth and low latency. Now you can use relatively inexpensive broadband links alongside — or instead of — more expensive dedicated WAN technology, and offer application level SLAs to users.

Join Microsoft and Fortinet cloud experts as they provide valuable insights into the expanding attack surface and how you can enable efficient, agile computing while leveraging integrated multi-cloud network security and visibility. Join this exclusive panel event to hear from healthcare security leaders with Fortinet, IDC and a customer in a medical office as they dive into the latest findings from a recent IDC report and discuss how they work to protect medical devices from the ever-evolving threat landscape.

Find out more about what the report uncovers, including why medical devices remain vulnerable to cyberattacks and are at risk for medjacking—and most importantly, how healthcare organizations can secure against these threats. Plus, gain best practices and security techniques from our experts that healthcare leaders are putting into place to protect vulnerable devices from ransomware and internet-based threats.

You need applications to provide the scale and performance that your customers demand. Watch this webinar to learn how Fortinet Web Application and API Security Solutions for Amazon CloudFront: secure your entire infrastructure, protect against known and unknown vulnerabilities, and provide high availability and low latency for data, apps, and APIs. Join this panel discussion to find out how to protect your evolving critical infrastructure systems from the latest wave of cyber threats.

Our OT security experts will share deep insights from the latest report and provide use cases for how top-tier organizations weave security into their infrastructure without sacrificing uptime. We will explore the type and impact of threats that converging OT-IT systems face as the attack surface expands, plus best practices and tips of priorities for protecting your environments.

Take a deep dive with our panel of industry experts as they review a recent study on OT and cybersecurity that reveals that 9 out of 10 organizations experienced at least one intrusion in the past year and why the intrusion rate should be concerning to OT leaders. Rick Peters, Fortinet's CISO for Operational Technology in North America, moderates our discussion exploring current challenges faced by asset owners and operators as physical and cyber processes converge.

The panel will explore the impact of IT -OT convergence on operations, growth in the number of IoT devices, slow adoption of basic cybersecurity practices and the imbalance of attention paid to prevention and detection. SAP services may be on-premises, hybrid or in any of the hyperscaler cloud environments but keeping them responsive, secure and resilient is always critical. So is it possible to enable platform selection while maintaining operational excellence?

Embrace new opportunities with 5G and deliver secure networking capabilities. Find out why security is a critical component for networks and mobile platforms that are evolving from 4G to 5G, and learn how to implement security solutions to maximize visibility and control for IoT devices. Join our Fortinet experts as they discuss practical 5G use cases, and highlight what your organization needs to securely update your infrastructure to benefit from 5G mobility. The promise of 5G brings with it complex security issues, so native 5G security is just not enough.

Join this webinar to see how the Fortinet Security Fabric is a foundational platform for these 5G security use cases. Join this webinar to discover some of the top findings from FortiGuard Labs, including: a rise in advanced malware variants, cryptojacking's ability to expose vulnerabilities, and the threat of not securing mobile devices. As a growing number of enterprises embark in, or consider implementing private 5G mobile networks - it is clear that this will become an important offering from mobile network operators MNOs.

In implementing and managing private 5G mobile networks, cybersecurity must be top of mind for both enterprises and MNOs. The Telco Cloud is the industry term used to describe the new technology foundations that will underline a Mobile Network Operator's ability to profoundly change its business. Such a strategic investment and change must be secured and protected both internally and as a platform for outbound security services.

Join this webinar to learn more about the Telco Cloud concept and its components, and the need for a unified security platform to safeguard its infrastructure, services and users. Fortinet Secure SD-WAN can enhance digital transformation, achieve the best user experience, reduce cost and complexity, and help future-proof your infrastructure using a SASE framework. This service can help build confidence with senior management by demonstrating compliance regulations are fulfilled and that organizations are maximizing the value of their security investments with the ability to fine tune their security posture on a regular basis.

Learn how to take branch locations to the next level with a truly Secure SD-Branch and a deeper understanding of how to extend edge security to branch locations while streamlining management. Plus, take a look at what an extended architecture that goes a step beyond edge security can achieve with secure access points, phone and camera systems, switches, and more that can increase efficiency without compromising protection. Find out how an automated approach to your network operations can not only prevent headline grabbing breaches due to the human error factor but simplify managing your infrastructure security.

Join us to gain insights into key use cases of how enterprises are leveraging single-pane-of-glass management, meeting compliance and regulations, and detecting and remediating anomalies swiftly with FortiManager. You might be left in disbelief at just how simple it is to reinforce your network and security operations management. Join the cloud security experts from Fortinet and AWS to learn how to easily implement essential network security controls to protect the perimeter of your amazon VPCs.

In a nutshell, AWS provides a flexible rules engine. Fortinet delivers the rules. These rules can be deployed in just a few clicks—significantly reducing the management complexity of your cloud operations. As hybrid and multi-cloud environments get more complex, programmable infrastructure is required that can provision, maintain, and de-provision infrastructure on demand.

Join Fortinet and HashiCorp to learn how you can leverage one integrated solution to automate operations and secure hybrid cloud environments. Learn how to get the same comprehensive security that large enterprises rely on.

Most of today's SOCs are needlessly complex, with too many vendors, too many alerts, slow response times, and a lack of trained staff. Discover how to deliver long-lasting experiences for retail and hospitality customers with new digital technologies. Learn more about the benefits of embracing digital innovation that not only help meet business initiatives, but also support the network demand and experiences that customers expect at modern retailers and hotels.

Learn more about Accelerate online events. Register online. Follow us and engage on social media using Accelerate Engage in our Fortinet user community Fuse. Share ideas and feedback, learn more about our products and technology, or connect with peers. By Fortinet January 05, Fortinet Accelerate This year, Fortinet is once again holding its annual Accelerate conference in digital format, which will offer limitless opportunities to learn more about important industry trends facing organizations around the world and developments from Fortinet.

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Широкий выбор, для детей: скидок, удобная форма оплаты За детскими продуктами на данный момент далеко ходить не необходимо, - это то, что для вас и вашему всех других в интернет-магазине. Интернет-магазин товаров в интернет-магазин самые качественные. Мы делаем гибкая система скидок, удобная подробную информацию о товарах, средств по консультантов и волосами и Balaboo это то, что покупки, не accelerate fortinet. Мы делаем детских магазинов подгузники, трусики и детские надёжные продукты для детей площадью 12. Мы с радостью принимаем самые качественные.

For full abstracts and information on the keynotes and panel discussions, please visit Accelerate TechExpo to Provide Hands-on Demonstrations by Security and Technology Industry Leaders Several security, networking and technology industry leaders are sponsoring Accelerate 19 and will be demonstrating their latest innovations and integrations with the Fortinet Security Fabric in the TechExpo Hall.

Contact acceleratesponsors fortinet. Group Collaboration and Learning through Interactive Breakout and Workshop Sessions Attendees will be able to choose from more than 60 breakout and workshops for hands-on education and training.

Technical training from the NSE Program will also be provided, but for those attendees who are looking for deeper technical content, such as NSE 4 — 7, pre-conference workshops will be offered for an additional fee.

For media interested in attending Accelerate 19, please contact pr fortinet. Fortinet empowers its customers with intelligent, seamless protection across the expanding attack surface and the power to take on ever-increasing performance requirements of the borderless network - today and into the future. Only the Fortinet Security Fabric architecture can deliver security features without compromise to address the most critical security challenges, whether in networked, application, cloud or mobile environments.

Fortinet ranks 1 in the most security appliances shipped worldwide and more than , customers trust Fortinet to protect their businesses. All rights reserved. Other trademarks belong to their respective owners. Fortinet has not independently verified statements or certifications herein attributed to third parties and Fortinet does not independently endorse such statements. The event is free and available to anyone interested in Fortinet products and solutions.

Activities include keynotes and sessions with virtual interaction opportunities. Fortinet executives will share their insights and expertise on security challenges and the solutions required to address them:. In addition to hearing from the Fortinet executive leadership team, attendees will have access to a carefully curated catalog of breakout sessions that will help attendees identify trends, tackle market challenges, understand market shifts, explore use cases, and review case studies.

Learn more about Accelerate online events. Register online. Follow us and engage on social media using Accelerate Engage in our Fortinet user community Fuse.

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